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    GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar – provides the most efficient means of monitoring ballast and track condition.

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    The search for trending data and monitoring systems for wheels, brakes, springs and couplings begins at KLD Labs.

    Well proven in the harsh rail environment, dependable KLD technology is in service around the world.

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    For serious measurement of track and rail condition, ABTUS Limited provides the means.

    Stay on track with geometry trolleys, clearance laser systems, hand held gauges and great technology from ABTUS Limited.

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    When rail operators consider track geometry measurement and track defect detection, their thoughts turn to ENSCO as a starting point.

    ENSCO leads the way in this field.

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Railtrak Systems specializes in track and rolling stock measurement, track systems and data collection services.

Welcome to RailTrak Systems

We know accurate and timely data is vital for prediction and planning in the rail industry today. We help you get ahead with a greater emphasis on maintenance-by-performance, instead of the original time and distance-based methods.

We ensure track and rolling stock operators have accurate and usable data that will enhance immediate maintenance activity.

We help to enable prediction and planning of future maintenance and management operations.

Solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

RailTrak Systems works with clients to provide the specialised systems and techniques required to obtain low cost solutions in track and rolling stock measurement.

We have brought together effective design and technological support to ensure our clients have access to the latest measurement systems, software and applications.

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